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Monday, March 17, 2014

No Foolin'!


  April Fools Day is almost Upon us! Come check out our gag gifts for inspiration! Will our fake vomit elicit some of the real stuff? Will rubber cockroaches prompts blood curdling screams? If you're not into "gross," a firm shake with a hand buzzer might be just the ticket. Either way, come keep it classy with our selection of gags before a friend beats you to it and you find yourself the victim!

Products to check out:
Schylling: Fake Vomit
Schylling: Hand Buzzer
Playvisions: Roacharama

Yoga is Su-ga!

  To be a parent is to know what stress is. Between building science projects, giving rides to play dates, and all the moral support in between there isn't always time for a spa day or weekend in wine country. The question is how can you lower stress levels and have some fun when taking a break from parenting just isn't in the stars?

  Game maker UpsideDown have some ideas. The Los Angeles based company has come up with a number of great yoga based games that use everything from spinners, card decks, and energetic kid geared illustrations so families can play together, promoting healthy habits and having some good old fashioned fun at the same time.
  The games are designed for kids as young as 6 to work on developing yoga technique and practicing posses in a format that keeps things fresh for new learners. Yoga is also known to have proven stress reducing results as well as many other benefits making these games perfect for busy parent and rambunctious kids alike.

Products to check out:
UpsideDown: Yoga Spinner
UpsideDiown: The Magic Path Of Yoga.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen...

For your viewing pleasure, the hippest of our hip toys.  You all like moustaches, right?  Because we have a ridiculous amount of 'staches in stock right now.  We're really digging the new David & Goliath buttons that just came in this week (lots of puns, just to give your fair warning), and the hipster glasses and moustache pens are a great gift/party favor.  And since it's still rather hot outside, cool off with The Gentleman's Ice Tray and stay refreshed in style.  Once it gets cooler outside, put your feet into any one of our 6 new styles of knitted slippers from Snoozies (they're unbelievable soft inside and come in both teen and women's sizes), or try your hand at baking some pumpkin pies with our Ovenknits oven mitts.  Yes, we are this awesome.