Thursday, August 28, 2014

Backpack To School!

The end of summer involves a lot of school year prep. The new clothes, the school supplies, and the activity scheduling can be fun but also a little overwhelming, especially if your kids are dragging their feet on summer vacation being over. One way to make it all a little more fun? Pick out some awesome, education necessary accessories!

For the newly responsible key holder in the family we've got a plethora of great key chains in shapes ranging from dolphins and cows to skulls and taxi cabs. They're fun enough to find in a backpack and many of them have lights or sounds as well.

Pens and notebooks were made to be used up! But that doesn't mean they have to be boring. We have notebooks with art on the cover to inspire what goes inside and pens in any shape or color you can imagine. Gelly Roll pens are great if you want to sparkle or the ten color's in one pen is perfect for the indecisive. We even have pens that spell good!

The little pieces are important but what pulls it all together are the big ones. We have lunch boxes with smurfs and G.I. Joe for the nostalgic and zombie ones for the tough. Our backpack choices vary as well. Are you a knight of the playground realm? A shark enthusiast or a future NASCAR driver? How about a future zoologist or a woodland fairy who lives in a toadstool?

Whatever needs your September brings we hope our fun and useful collection makes life and learning a little easier.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

L.A. Magazine Knows Best!

 Los Angeles magazine - August 2014

 Los Angeles Magazine has a declaration and we're in agreement! Landis' Labyrinth has been featured in the magazine's August 2014 edition as Best Educational Toy Store. We can't say we're surprised but we sure are proud.

  Especially since opening up our expansion at 144 N Larchmont Blvd. we put great effort into curating a selection of toys that are fun but also thoughtful. With puzzles and magnetic blocks, arts and crafts galore and tons of developmental toys for infants and toddlers we wanted to cultivate a feeling of exploration and creativity to make learning as fun as it should be.

  Check out the whole list of winners by picking up an L.A. Magazine at your local newstand or check out their website here: L.A.Magazine


Beanie Ballz And Beanie Boos Means Big Round Eyes And Snuggles Too!

When it comes to plush Ty knows how to make you swoon. Round fuzz balls in every animal known to man but just a little cuter and eyes so big and expressive you have to be careful... you might just get lost. Here are just a few examples of the ones we have waiting to find a home!

Ollie Octopus

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Waddles Penguin