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Friday, April 18, 2014

Read All About It!

  It starts early if you let it. the addiction, the vacant stare, the cravings for more and what is this supposed menace to children? Reading! You are your child's first teacher and only you can show he or she the joy that reading can bring to a life. Intellectual curiosity, improved vocabulary, and a healthy imagination are just a few wonderful byproducts of reading to or with your child.

At the very youngest ages thick board books with simple pictures and only a word or two on each page are perfect for standing up to drool and familiarizing your child to the process associating words with visual representations.

As they mature your child will enjoy narrative story telling - a plot with identifiable situations and actions and most importantly this will lead to them reading on their own. 

An invaluable skill that begins with that one first book.
Products to check out:
Penguin Group: Mr. Men Little Miss Books
Harper Collins: Goodnight Moon Board Book
Harper Collins: I Can Read! Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia

The Sporting Life

From the World Cup, to the Super Bowl to the Olympics physical competition is one of the most universal past-times. Why is that? Not only is physical activity vital to personal health but team sports are an important socialization tool for children to learn group dynamics and team work. 

Children's sports leagues are popular amongs both genders. Team spirit is a great way to encourage 

Sports and physical activities can also be a fun and healthy way to spend quality time together while reenforcing the importance of health and fitness in your child's mind.

Products to check out:

Little Kids: Junk Ball Classic Bat And Ball Set
Schylling: Vintage Frisbee
Phd Production: Indoor Pocket Disc

Put Me Together!


A puzzle is a great way to spend a day! Or a rainy afternoon! Or a second or two before the baby wakes up! The great thing about puzzles is you don't have to do it all at once!

Once it IS  together though you can glue and hang it, commemorating your accomplishment, appreciating a beautiful piece of art or destroy it, with glee, banishing it to it's box once more to wait for another rainy day, quiet moment, or whatever kind of situation inspires you to rebuild it. 
What really makes a puzzle important is the time you spend putting it together but starting with a great picture never hurts either. For the little ones try some puppies and kittens. For the angsty teen, an Edward Gorey illustration, for the world traveler, a beautiful representation of Big Ben! The beauty of puzzles is there's one for everyone. 
Products to check out:
 Ravensburger: Cinque Terre, Italy Puzzle
 Ravensburger: Alien Friends Puzzle
 Pomegranate: The Addams Family Puzzle